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    Default Feature Request: Sticky selection

    I would like to suggest a new feature in the folder compare window, "Sticky selection" (would also be nice in the Windows version)

    When you compare two windows e.g. filtering for new files you can make a number of selections.

    As soon as you change the pane on the other side or use another filter, or just click somewhere in the same pane, all selections are lost.

    My suggestion is that it should be possibly to "stick" the selections you make to the pane, so the above operations will not delete the selection, but keep it when e.g. you change the other pane. (You can use a thumbnail mini-icon for this function)

    One example: You can find the differences between two directories, stick the differences found in e.g. the right pane and then change to a third directory in the left. Find the new differences and stick them too in the right pane again. Finally the sticky selection is copied to a new (or more) destination(s).

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll add it to our Customer Wishlist.
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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