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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
    Do you have any examples we could study?
    Sorry for the delay in response, been a little crazy. The first two I noticed that don't follow that convention are IntelliJ and iTerm2.

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    Default Opinion question reply

    - Are there commands that you want keyboard shortcuts for, and do you have any suggested combinations?

    Yes, definitely! Please include as many as possible of the keyboard shortcuts that the Windows version has. If that is too weird for Mac users (and it may be) have an option to use the Windows settings vs Mac. Having an option to make the Mac and Windows version operate the same is a big deal to me. Example: F2 to rename a file.

    I'm grateful that BC has not gone full Mac user interface and hopefully does not plan to. I appreciate that Enter key opens the comparison (rather than renames file as in the Mac Finder) and Esc closes the tab. That said, maybe an option to for Mac, Windows or Custom keyboard mappings would be good to have. I don't know about pure Mac users ... maybe they want to have to Cmd-O to open a file and have the Enter key do a rename.

    I am not advocating that Ctrl (primary Windows command key) be substituted for Cmd (primary Mac command key). I want Cmd-Shift-S to save the session; not asking for Ctrl-Shift-S.

    - Are there any file formats or archive types that we should consider supporting?

    PDF files. The Open with Associate Application works for me but comparison is binary would be nice to have text comparison. Low priority in my opinion.

    - OS X apps generally don't include icons or keyboard shortcuts in their right-click menus, so BC currently doesn't either. Is this an issue for you?

    Not sure what this question is asking. Right click where?
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    The right click in most locations, but specifically within BC3's views, such as right clicking in a file in the Folder Compare, or right click into a pane of the Text Compare. On OSX, there are usually no icons, only words. On Windows in BC3, we have a few graphical icons on the left.
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    Would be nice to have Cmd+Delete to force deletion of a file without prompt-- this is the key combo I've gotten used to when deleting files in Finder.
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