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    Default FTP site issues report

    My Enviroment:

    BC4Mac: Build version 4.0.0 build 16121
    Mac OS: 10.7.4

    1. issues 1.
    1. setup new session, compare folder of local file system with remote FTP site file system.
    2.on FTP site tab, input ftp credention.
    3. try to set the initial remote folder, so click on the connect & browser button.
    4. the FTP server connect correctly, but the remote folder is not list on the input box below, so i can't set the initial remote folder.

    2. issue 2.
    compare local file system and ftp site file system.
    when click on the folder only exists on the ftp site, it will popup error say, there is no such a folder. but the folder exists and the connect to ftp server correct.

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    Thanks, I've reproduced Issue 1, but I am not sure which click or step triggers an error for Issue 2. Would it be possible to get a screenshot of the comparison and where you are clicking?
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