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    Default 3 way merge of Office/RTF documents


    are there any plans to support a 3 way compare / merge for Office documents or other kind of formated text documents?

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    The issue that prevents the merging of Office documents is the ability to save back in the original format. BC3 performs a conversion (using a command line program or the Office program itself) to convert from the binary office file to a plain text file in order to display the text contents. The conversions we currently have access to do not provide a method of converting back from .txt into the original format, so we disable editing and saving for these types of files.

    If you are familiar with any command line application that can perform this type of conversion, we can plug it into BC3 using our External Conversion definitions. We have an example, using RESX, here:

    Adding the ability to Edit these types of files or finding another conversion process is on our wishlist.
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