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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron View Post we approach Feb 1, you can still activate to perform an extension, which should then last beyond that time limit. Feb 1st is the activation time limit.
    Thank you for clarifying. I'm all set now through February.

    Keep up the GREAT work. You guys are building a phenomenal product.

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    Default New key for BC4 through now that it's > Feb 1?

    Hi ...

    Old BC3 user here, eager to try BC4, which I downloaded today. The key at the beginning of this thread has expired. Will you please issue a new key?


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    Hello Ken,

    The key in this thread was designed to help users extend beyond the normal trial period during our private beta phase, before we had the ability to generate a license key. It did not register the program or unlock any additional features; it only pushed back the expiration date of the trial.

    Now that we've launched into public beta, we also offer users the ability to upgrade/purchase their license (which will work for any 4.x updates). This helps us test our storefront, too. As an old BC3 users, you would very likely qualify for some form of discount (depending on when you purchased your license). Please follow the steps in this KB article to calculate:
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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