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    Hello Scooter Software,

    Thanks for making such an awesome editor/compare tool.

    I have a situation that I wanted to share so that you can better orient your efforts going forward. I am a software engineer and I work on multiple projects and I find myself more and more away from my laptops/desktops while still needing to edit code on the run on my iPad.

    You should make an iOS app that can compare files as well as your desktop version. No other app does it better than BC. I could then code and compare versions wherever I am. At a client's, on the road, or in meetings that need immediate action.

    Suggestions of extra features:
    -Accessing and committing changes to repositories (SVN, Mercurial, Dropbox, GitHub, etc.)
    -WiFi sharing for downloading files from and uploading files to the iDevice


    P.S.: If others want this, please manifest yourself here and tell me how BC as an iPad/iPhone app would help your productivity.


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    Thanks for the feedback. We are currently putting our focus into porting BC4 to Mac. Once that is done, we would investigate other operating systems.

    If any others have similar use case stories, please feel free to post here.
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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