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    Question Unable to load [some Linux directory]: Error parsing folder listing

    I receive the error in BC3 Linux V3.3.7.

    Using FileZilla I get the following log:

    Command: cd "xx"
    Response: New directory is: "/xx"
    Command: ls
    Status: Listing directory /xx
    Status: Invalid character sequence received, disabling UTF-8. Select UTF-8 option in site manager to force UTF-8.
    Status: Directory listing successful

    Works in FileZilla if UTF-8 disabled. I assume UTF-8 is in use in BC3.

    UTF-8 coding is culprit - can I disable it somewhere in settings?
    If NO, please consider adding an option.

    Dave Clifford

    A longtime user - great product!

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    Beyond Compare will auto detect the character encoding of an FTP server. To override this setting, select "Tools > FTP Profiles". Select the profile for your server. In the General tab, changing the Encoding setting from detect to the encoding of your server.
    Chris K Scooter Software

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