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    Default Comparing blocks of code in a text file

    I am trying to compare stored procedures that have been scripted to a flat file. When you change some code it works great. you can see the change. If you move that code somewhere else in the file it looses all reference to compare. I know in excel you can select a key field which works great. Is there a way to make blocks around the scripted data so Beyond compare could key off of that? This way if something moves or changes entirely it shows up.

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    BC3 does not currently detect a section of code as moved, but it is something on our wishlist.

    We have a few alternative Formats which can tidy the syntax or sort your files, which then allows them to be easily compared. We have a Java Tidied example for download on our website:

    And another KB article that goes into detail using a custom solution, here:
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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