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    And please dismiss my request for a toolbar button. I give up. Since the compare dialog will never be what I envisioned it could be...I might as well just drop in and out of session settings than insist on a less useful tweak. If you implement your idea of a Scan option when a default content compare is defined in the session settings, then I'll stop complaining and drop this tiresome debate.

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    Default Let me decide

    I've been following this conversation with keen interest, hoping there would be a resolution. I am just as exasperated as you, Michael, seeing the program decide things for itself when - as far as I'm concerned - I've told it not to do such a thing, and only act when I tell it to: not on launching a dialog from a description with an ellipsis (meaning: needs user input before action can be started) but only on completing the dialog.

    I am endlessly annoyed by the program doing things that I didn't ask for, in some cases consuming quite a bit of resources slowing down other programs doing things (that I did ask for).

    I really don't see the problem in changing this behavior: if the user asks not to do any background comparisons, then don't! Seeing file and folder counts might be helpful in some cases, but they are not necessary for me to decide what type of comparison to do, and I'm certainly not expecting the program to decide to start a comparison before I've made that choice.

    I realize I'm basically repeating your arguments, but that's because I agree 100%.

    A program should not do what I haven't told it to do, and certainly not do what I have told it not to do.

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Bulgrien View Post
    If I had "Automatically scan subfolders in background" enabled in my session settings, then the current "preflight compare" could be considered appropriate. I was hoping, however, that you would agree to let an unchecked Automatically Scan Subfolders option be the deciding configuration that bypasses the "background compare" kicked off as a "side-effect" of the preflight scan. This would allow a user to override their default compare criteria, and start a compare with the overrided options.

    Even if I select different compare settings, the default compare settings are already being used, so it negates the usefulness of this option.

    I have only one wish: do not let the program decide things for itself, unless asked to do so by the user.

    I find the current behavior always annoying, and in some cases (in a "fully loaded" machine) even destructive, because it cannot be overridden. The Automatically scan subfolders in background should be that override, and is formulated as a command - if it isn't interpreted that way, the option should be renamed to something like "automatically scan folders in the background unless I decide differently" or something along those lines.
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