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    Default Viewing a file using the associated application action is not working via ftp

    I am trying to view a file stored on an ftp server, but open it according to the associated application action, so that it is then viewed on my local machine.

    I connect one of the sides to my ftp server.
    I browse to a .xls file
    I right-click on the file and press "Open With" -> "Associated Application"
    (The associated application is Open Office Writer)

    The problem is that Open Office Writer, amongst several other programs, will not open my file this way because the path to the file includes an ftp url (such as

    The application (Open Office Writer in this case) does not know how to open a file with an ftp url.

    I just want to view the file over ftp via the Associated Application option. Even a temporary copy of the file, copied into a temporary folder on my local machine and then opened, would be fine.

    Is this available somehow?


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    Enhancing the Associated Application support is on our Wishlist, but we currently rely on the called program to be able to handle the path (like BC3 can) in order to open the file. Creating our own temp version and managing that is something we do not currently support. As a workaround, you can manually do this by using the Copy To Folder to copy the file(s) to a temp directory on your harddrive.
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