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  1. The i386 deb worked. The biggest issues I have...

    The i386 deb worked.

    The biggest issues I have twith BC4 is likely that the UI seems to have subtle changes from BC3 (not exactly the same hot key combinations, etc.) so it's annoying have to...
  2. Installing BC3 on 14.04 fails to find ia32-libs

    I've been attempting to install BC3 via the deb (bcompare- it's failing because ia32-libs doesn't exits for recent version of Linux (it's been replaced by other packages)....
  3. Can BC access sftp using Kerberos authentication?

    I'm trying to compare some files that are accessible via scp but from a server that only allows Kerberos authentication. Can this be done, if so how and if not is it planned?
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