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  1. How to avoid "Error opening folder" warning popup?

    Assume I compare two folders, then exit BC and delete/move/rename one or two of the folders.

    The next time I start BC a warning popup appears "Error opening folder".

    How can I prevent this...
  2. How to treat file timestamp differences as full differences?

    Occasionally I compare two big directory trees for differences.
    And it could happen that there is a file on both sides which have exactly the same name and exactly the same content but different...
  3. it works. Thank you

    it works.
    Thank you
  4. Put "Full Refresh" icon in toolbar and/or re-define default "refresh" method for tool

    As I found out there are two types of "Refresh":

    - fast
    - full

    The toolbar icon represents "fast" method while the menu

    edit-->full refresh

    the other one. Since I use occasionally...
  5. v4.2 64bit Yes, files are sometimes large...

    v4.2 64bit

    Yes, files are sometimes large (>10GB =archive & video files) , sometimes small (<1MB)

    network connection are sometimes simple USB connections (to external hard disk through USB...
  6. How to avoid huge memory allocation for Cache/Buffers? 98% load for 8GB RAM memory

    Sometimes I compare two huge directory trees from local computer with either external USB hard disk or remote computers.

    In Folder Compare pane I then perform big transfers (> 50 GB) of set of...
  7. How to serialize multiple copy operations? only one copy operation at a time?

    Assume I have opened multiple FolderCompare tabs.

    Then I want to start mutliple copy operations in all tabs.
    Since the dir trees are very huge or files very big or target disk very slow it could...
  8. How to include system+hidden files in file copying?

    Assume I have two folder trees side by side in Folder Compare pane.

    I mark one side and want to copy it to the other side.

    How can I define that all system and/or hidden files are automatically...
  9. Disable binary compare in Folder compare if files have same date, size and name?

    When I perform a folder compare with two directories then a binary content comparison is performed automatically even if a pair of two files have the same name, size and last date.

    How do I...
  10. Hello Chris, thank you for the suggestions. I...

    Hello Chris,

    thank you for the suggestions. I will remember them for the future.

    However concerning my initial timestamp problem they are not useful since the number of required clicks for my...
  11. Hello Greg, what do you mean with "align" and...

    Hello Greg,

    what do you mean with "align" and "Long enough"?

  12. Feature req: Copy timestamp from one file and paste it to another (in another dir)?

    When I compare two directory trees in Folder Compare the correspondig folders and files are listed side by side.

    I can set the (last modified) timestamp of a file on the left side to the timestamp...
  13. Thank you.It works

    Thank you.It works
  14. Hello Aaron, thank you for the filter. It...

    Hello Aaron,

    thank you for the filter. It works. However this is only a partial solution of my initial question.

    Currently (with *.pdf being set as file pattern) lots of folders are displayed...
  15. Filter question: Show in Folder Compare only files with a certain pattern?

    Assume I compare in Folder Compare two (big) dir trees

    However only files which match the pattern *.pdf should be displayed.

    Now I enter ".pdf" (without quotes) into the filter entry field in...
  16. How to adjust line height for folder + file Compare?

    Have a look at the attached snapshot.

    As you can see the line height for folder compare font is currently extreme.

    How do I adjust the line height?
    I found no corresponding option.

    Same in...
  17. How to select different fonts for Folder and File compare?

    When I goto Options--->Colors,Fonts

    then I can setup a general font there. Unfortunately this font is for Text AND for Folder compare

    However I would like to setup a different font for both...
  18. Perfect! Its working now :-) Thank you Peter

    Its working now :-)

    Thank you
  19. This is NOT true! Have a look at the attached...

    This is NOT true!

    Have a look at the attached snapshot:

    Why are the two lines on different levels?
    According to your statement they should be on the same level and the "newtext" string should...
  20. Detect and mark only inline changes possible?

    Occasionally I (or programs) change only certain words or sub-strings of lines of text files.

    Example: In line 154 of file hello123.txt the line

    aaa bbb ccc ddd

    is changed to

    aaa bbb fff...
  21. How to group/concatenate multiple directory pairs in ONE folder compare session?

    When I open a new session in folder compare then I can (afaik) only enter one dir at the left and one folder at the right side.

    Is it somehow possible to group/concatenate multiple directory pairs...
  22. Mirror a dir with toolbar icon in folder compare ? Copy + delete (if necessary)

    Assume I loaded on the left and right two different directories with a huge tree insside.

    Now I want to mark one of the sub directories and click something like a "mirror" icon in the toolbar.
  23. How to show transfer speed to target drive?

    Assume I copy (through BeyondCompare) some huge files (> 1 GB) from local drive to either external usb hard disk or a network drive.

    I would like to know the (current) transfer speed (averaged...
  24. Ok, thank you. It looks better. But the...

    Ok, thank you. It looks better.

    But the "filter" entry fields still contains some pattern stuff from previous comparisons/profiles.

    How can I empty it as well?

  25. How to start BC with empty Folder Compare entry fields (for directories at the top)?

    I want to setup BC v4 for the following mode:

    When I double click on the program then the "Folder Compare" panel should appear
    with EMPTY directory entry fields at the top (left and right).
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