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  1. OH MY GOD, this and (the correct one) of my own...

    OH MY GOD, this and (the correct one) of my own creations worked. The problem? UNCHECK the ones you want to activate in the Session Settings, Importance tab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. LOG\: Tick\(ms\)=\d+ Doesn't work...

    LOG\: Tick\(ms\)=\d+

    Doesn't work unfortunately. I also tried escaping the parens around the ms, and all permutations of escaping the colon and equals sign just in case (though the help link from...
  3. Ignore Grammar Rule for LOG: Tick(ms)=NNNN ???

    I am pulling my hair out trying to format a rule to ignore time stamps of this format:

    LOG: Tick(ms)=NNNN: And other text out here that I do want to diff.

    Where everything is text except...
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    Is there a way to force Beyond Compare to open...

    Is there a way to force Beyond Compare to open them as binaries and compare that way? It will do this with Word, etc. It's not the greatest solution, but if the strings are text, it should align...
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    "Permission Error: Copying of text from this...

    "Permission Error: Copying of text from this document is not allowed."

    Save As gave a similar-sounding whine when I tried to force it to .txt.

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    Conversion Error PDF Documents

    Beyond Compare 3
    Version 3.3.8 build 16340

    I am getting Conversion Error in Beyond Compare 3 comparing two (almost identical) PDF files.

    From what I can find on the Internet, it does not seem...
  7. Thanks, that seems to work!

    Thanks, that seems to work!
  8. Just show files whose content is different

    I am comparing two folder trees and all the files have different time stamps. There is no visual indication between those that have actually different content and those that don't.

    Is there a way...
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