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    I am trying the and I would intend to buy it, but I do not know until I point can actually satisfy my demands. My "problem" is to find then to cancel identical text portions in a document. Mi I explain
    Wanting to put order in my many documents created, with Word, [ menu Inserisci >File.] an A.doc single document ].
    The result is a very long document containing the same text portions (questions and answers of questionnaires) of B.doc, C.doc. D.doc...ecc
    Do not know what questions are repeated in the final document (A.doc) and therefore I cannot use the Word Modifica>Find option then possibly to cancel the repetitions.
    Is with your software highlighting in A.doc such text portions possible? In other words the double questions?
    I thought I would analyse with yr. software one by one my *. Doc to find and remove the identical elements [ appears X.doc and Y.doc ; X.doc and Z.doc; X.doc and W.doc. ecc.ecc.ecc.]and having at the end of the .doc different to gather in a second moment, but the work is appalling.

    Besides I noticed that the software does not save in . doc, but it produces a file I can open with notepad, and this represents a further passage. Your software can help me?

    You can suggest something to me (if only another product of yours) that help the problem solve?

    A thanks you will want to communicate me.

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    Re: word

    Our software does not have the ability to find duplicate sections or lines of text within one file. This is on our wish list for a future version.

    The current version can only compare two .doc files and help to find matching or mismatching lines. To compare .doc files you'll need to use our MS Word add on rule from:

    I don't have experience with software for finding duplicate lines in files, but a Google search turned up something called Dupli Find that might work if you save your .doc files as plain text.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Re: word

      Siccome questo č il forum in Italiano, le domande generiche scritte in inglese andrebbero inserite nel forum principale cosė tutti possono leggerle e rispondere nella stessa lingua.

      Grazie per la collaborazione