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  • 請問會支援7-Zip


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    BC3 supports read-only support for 7-zip files. You can try the trial from
    bc3支持唯讀支持7 - ZIP文件。您可以嘗試審判從
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Querying for update on 7-Zip format support

      Curious as to how support (demand for?) 7-zip format is coming; that is, is it still a "trial" feature requiring a special build? I like to use 7-Zip for its compression is always better than .ZIP format. I supposed it is considered a proprietary format, requiring special legal treatment, as opposed to an "open" standard?

      P.S. Sorry if this was not posted in correct forum? I'll re-post if you tell me where it should go?
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        That's ok. This is the traditional Chinese forum, but I can answer your question here since that's what this user was also asking.

        We have read support for 7zip. The trial is the trial of BC3, not of the support for 7zip. This way you can test out our fully featured trial and see if the 7zip support meets your needs or if you have any questions before purchase.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Hi aquinas,

          There aren't any legal issues with the 7-zip support. The 7-zip program is open source, and I believe the format is reasonably well documented, so there aren't too many issues with using it instead of zip files. We haven't had enough demand to warrant adding support for modifying them, but we certainly could if we wanted to.
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          Zo P Scooter Software


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            FWIW: One of the reasons I don't use 7-zip more often is because utilities like BC3 do not yet fully support it. I, too, would welcome such an enhancement... though items like 3-way folder compares are higher on my list.
            BC v4.0.7 build 19761