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希望增加备份功能 Wish Add Backup Function

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  • 希望增加备份功能 Wish Add Backup Function

    我有个NAS, 用来备份PC上的文件, 大约有450G. 这450G大部分时间内都是没有变化的. 但是其他备份软件每次要备份很长时间, 而用BC镜像同步了很快就完成了, 但是BC的没有完整的界面, 我只有写了个脚本来用BC备份, 所以我希望能加强BC的备份文件的功能, 谢谢.

    I have the NAS used to back up the files on my PC, there are about 450G, the 450G most of the time is not change, but other backup software every time need to back up a long time, but BC mirror sync is very fast, but BC is not complete interface, I have to write a script to use BC backup, so I hope to enhance the function of the BC's backup files, thank you.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. Adding a graphical interface for automated tasks is on our wishlist. In the current version, you would need to use BC Scripting from the command line.
    感谢您的建议。是我们的愿望清单上添加一个图形界面的自动化任务。在目前的版本中,您将需要使用BC命令行 的脚本。
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