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Forum data breach and password reset

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  • Forum data breach and password reset

    Several customers have reported spam email being sent to addresses they only use for the Scooter Software discussion forums.

    The leak was likely due to the vBulletin 0-day vulnerability that affected our forums.

    The data that was leaked should only have included forum usernames and email addresses. User passwords are encrypted in the forum database.

    We took down the forum the day vBulletin announced the vulnerability (September 25th), then patched it and analyzed the server before it was brought back online on September 26th.

    Our forum should now be safe. The forum has always been on a separate server and network from our license database. When purchasing from our site, credit card data is sent directly to our credit card processor, it is never sent to our server.

    As a precaution, we’ve forced a reset of forum passwords. To create a new password, enter your email address in the lost password form:

    We apologize for any information that was leaked. If you have questions or need assistance with the password reset, please email
    Chris K Scooter Software