We've just released Beyond Compare 3.2.2. This is the first official 3.2 release.

Notable Changes since 3.1.11:
  • Added Registry Compare view (Pro only).
  • Added Text Edit view which includes "Find in Files" command.
  • File Compare Report can now mix reports from different views (text/hex/data/picture/etc).
  • Added "Text content" to Folder Compare's "Other Filters".
  • Added "Follow Symbolic Links" folder compare option which controls whether symbolic links are shown as files or the link target.
  • Added support for comparing, copying, and deleting symbolic links and NTFS junction points.
  • Added support for bzip2 and bzipped tar archives.
  • Added read/write support for Debian .deb packages (Linux only).
  • Added read-only support for Total Commander packer (wcx) plugins.
  • Added layout, rotate, and flip commands to Picture Compare, along with various other enhancements.
  • Added "Exclude protected operating system files" option that excludes system and hidden files, folders, and junction points (Windows only). Enabled by default.
  • Added support for SSH2 authentication using OpenSSH's ssh-agent and PuTTY's pageant.
  • Added "Ignore Same Changes" Text Merge command.
  • Added "View->Detached Output Pane" Text Merge command to show output pane in separate window.

The complete change log can be viewed here.