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BC 3.1 released

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  • BC 3.1 released

    We've just released Beyond Compare 3.1.

    Version 3.1 includes official German and French translations. Thanks to our translators for their hard work!

    Version 3.1 also includes the following major changes (from the change log):
    - Data Compare now supports modifying delimited and fixed width files.
    - Added support for third-party BC v2 plugins.
    - Added support for zip archives with Unicode filenames, AES encryption, and files larger than 2GB.
    - Added support for comparing over HTTP.
    - Added support for comparing RPM files (Linux only).
    - Added support for creating and modifying .gz and .tar.gz files.
    - Fixed excessive "Refreshing..." step before large file operations or those on slow connections.

    The complete change log can be viewed here.
    Chris K Scooter Software