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BC 2.3 beta, build 229 released

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  • BC 2.3 beta, build 229 released

    Today we released Build 229 of our version 2.3 beta.

    The list of changes in this build, and the download link, can be found here .
    Tim T Scooter Software

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    Re: BC 2.1 beta, build 229 released

    And build 230, so it seems...

    Is this an error or was build 229 superceded very quickly? Even 'Readme.txt' refers to build 230.

    And the subject line of your post refers to BC 2.1, shouldn't that be BC 2.3? All very confusing...


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      Re: BC 2.1 beta, build 229 released

      I could say it an April Fools joke, but it looks like we uploaded the wrong file!

      I'll get it fixed up momentarily.
      Tim T Scooter Software


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        Re: BC 2.3 beta, build 229 released

        The download is fixed now (I hope!) and I corrected the subject line.

        Thanks for catching that! It's been a looong day.
        Tim T Scooter Software


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          ftp results

          1) I do a folder compare between a Windows XP machine and a Linux box (Red Hat 7.1), ftp'd. The ftp is to an old Windows 98 partition (linux reports vfat). During the compare, when a doing a "compare contents" on a subdirectory for the first time, I would get the message "The system cannot find the file specified" and the Compare Results box would indicate "5 files are unknown". Actually, 3 of the files were there, but somehow did not get scanned. Ftp was still actively scanning other subdirectories at that time. After navigating into the subdirectory in question, compare was then able to scan the three files that were actually there.

          2) When using "set as base folder" on an ftp'd subdirectory, and ftp is still actively reading other subdirectories, the system gives a popup that says "System cancel in progress". I have to press "OK" to continue, and then I am in the subdirectory. This also sometimes occurs when clicking on "Up one level". I also sometimes can get this same message when doing the same actions on my C drive while ftp was active in the second compare window.

          This does not happen when double clicking on a subdirectory name.


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            Re: ftp results

            1) Please send a verbose log of this problem to To turn on verbose logging, select View|Log|Verbose. To save the log, right click on the green log pane.

            2) I was able to reproduce this in the 2.3 beta. I added it to our bug list and we'll work to get it fixed.
            Chris K Scooter Software