- June 4, 2014.

Download available from the beta page.

Notable changes since version
  • Picture Compare now compares alpha channels, supports JPEG XR and third-party WIC decoders on Windows, supports JPEG 2000, Photoshop, and raw camera formats on OS X, and has significantly improved speed, memory usage, and file format compatibility.
  • Added ability to pause file operations in the folder compare.
  • Expanded and updated help.
  • Scripting "FOLDER-REPORT" now accepts an "INCLUDE-FILE-LINKS" argument and "CRITERIA" accepts an "IGNORE-UNIMPORTANT" argument.
  • Windows: Fixed crash on startup introduced in version
  • Windows: Added "Copy creation dates" folder compare/sync setting for local->local copies.
  • OS X: Added support for comparing text in PDF files.

See a full list of changes in the changelog.