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  • Only show files under version control

    Is it possible to show only files that are under version control (i.e. filter out files which are not under version control)?
    This would make it very easy to filter out everything that is generated (by a build) (executables, object files,..).
    We (still) use subversion.

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    Yes and no. BC4's Folder Compare does have the Session Settings, Other Filters tab, which can Exclude files: If source control status: X is Not Set.

    However, this does not directly support Subversion. It uses an older MSSCC API, which Microsoft is supporting less these days:

    There are some 3rd party tools which can add this support for subversion, but I've had mixed experiences testing them out over the years and don't have any specific recommendations. Most users only need context menu support, which has other workarounds for adding to the general Windows context menu:

    BC4's trial is fully featured, and hopefully any SCC tool you'd like to try would offer a similar trial, so you could test the functionality before purchase. We're unable to offer support when using one of these tools, however.

    Otherwise, you would need to use the Name Filters tab, and catch content based on known names.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks Aaron,

      Please note that I'm a long time registered and happy! user (upgraded my BC3 lic in 2014!).

      I found the 'If source control status' setting. It would be brilliant if this worked for subversion and git. Can you please add that to the feature request list?

      "There are some 3rd party tools which can add this support for subversion." Could you please provide links so that I can evaluate them myself?


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        Certainly. We do have something similar on our wishlist for specific source control filtering, and I'll add these notes.

        Unfortunately, I don't have any current links. The KB article used to have references, but they either had issues or became defunct and aren't appropriate anymore.

        The phrasing you'd want to search for is "MSSCCI" + "SVN", and I see a few, but I don't have any experience with these products. They are taking on a complex task, and it's difficult to maintain a list of suggestions or troubleshoot if the 'bridge' isn't working.
        Aaron P Scooter Software