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how to make bcc aware of git

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  • how to make bcc aware of git

    Hi I

    Have read "Using Beyond Compare with Version Control Systems" but I also want BC to be aware of git it seems like this can be done by SCC but I am not able to find any git SCC provider are ther other ways?

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    Technically, yes, but MS SCC API is an old interface that MS themselves support less these days. A more common strategy is to install a client that exposes itself on the Windows Explorer menu, which BC4 also exposes in its right-click -> Explorer -> menu.
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      I already have TortoiseSvn installed what I was looking for is getting annotated icons in beyond compare folder view


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        Enabling Source Control Integration does not include icon support; it allows direct interaction with a subset of source control commands (Check-in/out) and some 'awareness' if attempting to edit the file in different states.

        There are third party solutions which can expose Subversion as an SCC source, but don't have any specific recommendations for your repository and svn version combination. We suggest using a trial of any third party tool to test the support to make sure it properly integrates with BC4 before purchasing.
        I'm not familiar with any tools that add this support for Git (from your first post).
        Aaron P Scooter Software