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  • git difftool - Left and Right views


    I have 2 questions -

    1. When I pass 2 parameters (say 2 branch names) to the git difftool command, like -
    git bc master develop
    my understanding is that BC opens up with the master on the left hand side (LHS) and the develop on the RHS. Am I right?

    2. But when I pass just 1 parameter to the git difftool, like
    git checkout master
    git bc develop
    which one opens on the LHS and the RHS?
    I think the local (checked-out or working) directory opens on the RHS and the one which is passed as the parameter opens on the LHS. Is this right?

    And is the LHS/RHS selection a property of git or of beyond compare?
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    From BC4's perspective, if you call the command line:
    bcomp.exe left right
    the first parameter is the left side and the second is the right side. So for the first scenario, git calls the first branch on the left and the second on the right. When you pass only one branch, it loads that branch on the left and the local version on the right. If you use a program like Process Explorer, you can view the command line Git used to call to BC4 to see how it passed parameters in.
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