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Confused about mercurial's MergeTools.rc when using BC4

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  • Confused about mercurial's MergeTools.rc when using BC4


    At work, I have to use mercurial (version 4.6.2) on windoww and I've set it up in THG to use BC4. Other people in my team use kdiff3, but I hate it and therefore im the only one using BC4. But something is fishy...

    When I look at the mercurial MergeTools.rc file, the BC4 lines look erroneous to me.

    beyondcompare4.args=$local $other $base /mergeoutput=$output /ro /lefttitle=parent1 /centertitle=base /righttitle=parent2 /outputtitle=merged /automerge /reviewconflicts /solo

    This seems wrong to me. Since it says: $local $other $base, I'm expecting /centertitle=parent2 and /righttitle=base
    but its the opposite.

    Is this an error in the mergetools.rc that comes with mercurial, or is it me that is missing something?


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    This looks right. Of the 3 top input panes in the Text Merge, the Center is always the Ancestor. For the command line, this is:
    bcomp LeftFile RightFile CenterAncestor Output
    but the title parameters can be in another order, as long as they correctly define the appropriate pane.

    This ordering is done since the Text Merge also supports bcomp left right output, and the diff view can be called with just bcomp left right.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Ah ok thx, If its bcomp LeftFile RightFile CenterAncestor Output, then I understand. My error comes from something else then, because my center file is definetely not the ancestor, but its triggered by a tool someone made here. Ill look into that, its probably hardcoded for kdiff3 or something.

      But thx for clarifications, it removes one candidate for where this weird thing im seeing comes from. Long story, wont tire you with it.


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        No problem. Do let us know if you need any help. The Text Merge Left and Right sides are interchangeable, but the center should be a Common Ancestor to the Left and the Right for the merge logic to work out. The last (output) is the save target, and is generated automatically from the initial three input file parameters.
        Aaron P Scooter Software