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Show a single aggregated folder diff without clicking on each file

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  • Show a single aggregated folder diff without clicking on each file


    I'm using BC4 with git and use git difftool -d a lot.
    However, sometimes I'd like to see an overview of all changes without clicking on every file (e.g. like how github shows pull requests).

    Is it possible to get such an aggregated folder diff?

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    You can issue an Edit menu (or Toolbar) -> Expand All, then Select All Files, then right click or Actions menu -> File Compare Report. This can generate a file level report of the differences within the selection of files. If you use Output: HTML report, you can View in Browser to create a quick pop up.

    BC4's Text view (when in a single file) also has a Next Difference File command, so you can hop from file to file quickly from the main interface, although still one at a time.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the reply.

      The first method indeed works, I've tried it before, but missed "Select All Files" step which is crucial for it to work when directories are present.
      However, there are a lot of steps to show it, is it a way to automate some of them, maybe with a macro or a command line switch?

      I'd love if that compare report were shown in a normal Beyond Compare window and not a browser!

      As for the second method, it seems to cycle through the files in a single directory only, making it not that useful for anything but minor changes. Is there a way to make it cycle through the whole diff?


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        1. Beyond Compare doesn't support macros or scripting within the GUI. Command-line scripting is supported, see the Using Beyond Compare > Scripts topic in the help file for details.

        2. To make Next Difference File cycle through all files in a folder comparison instead of just the current folder, open Tools > Options (Beyond Compare > Preferences if you're on macOS). Go to the Next Difference section. Uncheck Limit "Next Difference Files" to current folder.
        Chris K Scooter Software