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How to ignore Subversion $Id string?

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  • How to ignore Subversion $Id string?

    I will soon be upgrading from BC3 to BC4 Prof. I often compare source code files that contain the Subversion $Id $ keyword and I want BC to ignore the text that is substituted for that keyword.

    This was possible in BC 3 by specifying the $Id as unimportant text. However, it was quite difficult to do so. Is this easier to do in BC4?

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    The layout is mostly the same for BC4, although BC4 can import your BC3 settings so you would not need to set it up again. You can install the BC4 trial and test the import without removing or uninstalling BC3. Then you would not need to re-setup anything.

    The general guide for defining Unimportant text, with helper video, is here:
    BC4's interface differs slightly, but most of the menus and options are in the same locations with the same names.

    BC4 does add a Session Setting for the specific view, to quick define text as Unimportant in an adhoc method. This is associated with the saved session, and is not specific to a file extension. If you needed to ignore $Id for any file extension at all times, you could define this Unimportance as a global default for all Text Compare sessions on the Home screen, in the saved Sessions list, expand the New folder and select Text Compare, and Edit defaults: Importance tab, Unimportant text section.
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