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New Updates in Windows WSL

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  • New Updates in Windows WSL

    New features deployed with the Linux subsystem for windows should now make it possible for BC4 to work with the WSL.

    It is now possible to invoke EXE's from bash. For example you can activate BC4 like so:

    tom@ws2:~$ /mnt/c/Program\ Files/Beyond\ Compare\ 4/bcomp.exe
    Notice the escaped spaces in the above command. Simply copy and paste this and you'll see that BC4 opens.

    The opposite is now true as well:
    C:\temp> wsl sudo apt-get update
    The above invokes the command just as if you were in bash itself.

    Do these changes warrant looking into this again?

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    To clarify earlier posts about Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), Scooter Software doesn't officially support running Beyond Compare for Linux in WSL. Microsoft also doesn't officially support running graphical (X-Window) applications using WSL. You might be able to make BC4 Linux work if you run an X-Window client, but it isn't a configuration we test, so we can't guarantee it will work. See the previous forum thread Installing Linux BC4 under WSL for a possible method to run BC4 Linux in WSL.

    Beyond Compare for Windows doesn't support Linux/Unix style paths, so that's the main issue with launching it from Git in WSL. I haven't had time to test the instructions yet, but the blog post WSL, git, and Beyond Compare might point you in the direction of a working Git in WSL + BC 4 Windows configuration.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      The blog post above that Chris mentioned, WSL, git and Beyond Compare worked great with the exception that I had to modify the alias to execute git difftool -y --dir-diff --no-symlinks --tool=BCompare


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        I just added a comment in regards to using Beyond Compare with Windows / Bash. Basically to solve the problem I used a handy script to convert the file paths from POSIX to Windows which could then be given to Beyond Compare. I just need to tinker a little so that the /tmp/ path was converted correctly (see issue #7 on that github repo).