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folder merge and compare with SVN folder

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  • folder merge and compare with SVN folder

    I can't seem to get a 2 or 3-way folder merge and compare to work with an SVN folder in the center folder pane. The message keeps coming up: Folder Not Available. Works OK with a text merge / compare just not a folder merge. Here's an example of the SVN folder:


    Is this possible?

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    If you're entering the path directly into a path edit or on the command line, you need to add a svn+ prefix so BC can tell what kind of connecting to use, like so:


    Don't include the prefix if you're creating a Subversion profile in the browse our profile manager dialogs, since those BC knows it's a Subversion path.

    There shouldn't be any difference in path handling between comparisons and merges.
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      Thank you very much that worked perfectly.

      If you don't mind two more SVN related questions:

      1. What's the purpose of Tools>Source Control integration. I can't seem to get my SVN repositories added and even if I did not sure what the benefit would be.

      2. If there a quick way to do compares on a list of changed files from SVN? If I do an svn st -q, I get a list of files that have changes such as:

      M folder1\file1
      M folder1\file2
      M folder2\filex

      This is very quick and what I'd like to do is feed this list into a 3 way merge rather than comparing all the files in the 3 folders (one of the folders being the SVN repository).



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        1) This uses a specific API, which Subversion does not support out of the box. By adding the directory, you would then see Check In/Out/Etc commands in the right click menu of the BC4 Folder Compare. Related to number 2, but if you use TortoiseSVN, these items are also in the BC4 right click menu under Explorer submenu ->.

        2) No, not easily within BC4, since we'll pull the full file list. If you use TortoiseSVN to provide a graphical interface, you can call up the list of files here, and configure BC4 as the external mergetool, then click/navigate each file from this interface into a BC4 Merge session.
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