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P4V/Linux incomplete diff of multiple files

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  • P4V/Linux incomplete diff of multiple files

    I use BC4 (4.2.2) together with P4V (Rev. Perforce Visual Client/LINUX26X86_64/2015.1/1233444) under Linux Mint in a VMware Workstation.

    I have set BC as diff tool (Location: "bcompare" / Arguments: "%1 %2").

    When I right-click on a pending changelist, which contains several files, and then on "Diff Files Against Have Revisions", BC is launched and the files are shown in tabs.

    The problem is that sometimes some files are missing in BC that are present in the changelist. This makes using BC as default diff tool very unreliable, because it is easy to miss some changes in code.

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    Thanks for the report. Did you see this behavior with earlier versions of BC4, or is 4.2.2 the first tested version? When you say "missing", is the entire tab not called and shown? Or is one part of the tab not loading but shows a file path (with load error)?

    And you are running Linux Mint 64bit, and the Linux .deb install of BC 4.2.2 64bit, correct?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I saw this also with earlier versions.

      The whole tab is not shown, and there are no error messages. It is just missing.

      I use Linux Mint 64bit, but I used bcompare-, which I downloaded from your website, initially.
      Meanwhile bcompare appeared in Linux package manager and I updated to 4.2.2-22384 from there.


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        It seems that this happens when starting a comparison for the first time.
        When I close BC and launch the same comparison again, all files are there.