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Comparing clear case folders creates temporary files

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  • Comparing clear case folders creates temporary files


    we are working with Clear Case and Beyond Compare and a few days ago I stumbled upon some strange behavior.

    If I compare folders on my HDD everything works fine, but if I compare folders stored in Clear Case, Beyond Compare creates temporary files and compares them instead. The files seem to contain all necessary information about the folder, so the compare "seems" to be fine, but since it's not the real folder I can't navigate at all.

    Is there a way to get back to real folders instead of temporary fake folder files?

    Thanks a lot,

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    Beyond Compare is not creating the temporary files; the extent of our handling is to accept two target folder paths and open those locations. Example: BComp.exe "c:\folder1" "c:\folder2"
    Clearcase may pass us two directory paths to open that point to temp directories it is managing. Depending how Clearcase is configured and what you are diffing, those items might not be available locally, might be a historical version of the file, or this might be how Clearcase protects the original items to prevent editing them unintentionally when calling an external diff tool (which, may optionally still allow editing if Clearcase looks at any edited temp files and brings them back into the real files proper). This support varies between version control software and versions of the software as to the support they allow external difftools to interact on the folder level.

    If this doesn't appear to be what is happening, it may be best to include Clearcase support on this request, and us as well ( and we can help answer any questions they might have. We do not have access to a Clearcase install in office, but our trial is easy to setup and fully featured if they need it.
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      Thanks for your quick reply. I took some more time to look into this and it seems like the temporary files are always created, even if I use the (shitty) default ClearCase compare tool. Maybe I am wrong but I am almost certain that at some point this was working. I'll have to talk to our ClearCase admins and see if they know more about this.

      Thanks again,