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Version Control Integration Directly From GUI

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  • Version Control Integration Directly From GUI

    Is there a way to see all my sub-version changed files at once using bcompare UI pro edition?

    For example:

    Execute "bcompare <local_svn_dir>" from the working directory --> UI will open and show all my svn changed files. Double click will open the diff window.

    Thanks in advance.

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    BC4 Pro can connect to an SVN Repository. This could be set to the default head or a specific revision in the Profile settings, kind of like loading a remote location like an FTP client.

    Pointing at the local location does not support diffing against a repository, since SVN does not support the SCCAPI for our Version Control Integration. You do have access to the Explorer submenu, so you can right click on a file and use a program like TortoiseSVN to launch a context menu diff (and TortoiseSVN's diff can then use Beyond Compare as the difftool).
    Aaron P Scooter Software