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Compare Multiple Excel Files from Two Folders

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  • Compare Multiple Excel Files from Two Folders

    I would like to perform comparisons of excel files in batches. For Example, i have Folder1 with 50 excel files and Folder2: with another 50 files, they both have the same name convention but in different locations. I am finding it difficult to write a script on Beyond COmpare to perform this.
    I would appreciate any suggestions.
    And would also require a report showing the result of my comparisons like for example,
    1 comparison: no difference
    2 comparison: diff found at this particular row or cell number.
    P.S I am new to scripting so please be considerate when giving any suggestions. thank you.

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    Before working on the script, I'd suggest working in the interface, which gives more feedback on how items align and compare. Once it's working here, we can then help with the script to perform the same workflow.

    If you load your two folders in the Folder Compare, do you need to enable the View menu -> Ignore Folder Structure? If your files are in the same subfolder names with same file names, they would align without this option, but if the subfolders have different names, they'd need to be removed. This, however, assumes there are no duplicates (multiple files with the same name on either side) as the alignment still has to occur before the comparison, so this can be an issue if you have multiple "1.xlsx" files in various subfolders.

    If everything is aligned and comparing well, if you generate a Session menu -> Folder Compare Report, layout: side by side, Output type: HTML, with 'include linked file reports", is this a style of report that works well? Or would you rather have one report, such as in the main view, set the Display Filter to Show Differences, Expand All, Select All Files, Actions menu -> File Compare Report?
    Aaron P Scooter Software