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Is there a way to create a script for 3 way merge report?

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  • Is there a way to create a script for 3 way merge report?

    This is with respect to usage of 3 way folder merge feature in BC4. I want to create a script to do these steps-

    load 3 folders (left, right & ancestor)
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    Generate a report or Auto merge if there are no conflicts without opening UI.

    Where i am struggling?
    I can do the above easily using BC4 pro version interface but I want to do this using script or command line. . I am unable to use the load script command for 3 folders in which case it errors out. Similarly report i can only create with 2 folders.

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    Script does not have merging capability, as the Folder Merge and Text Merge session types have no reporting.

    There are command line parameters you can use for performing a Text Merge, documented in the Help file, Command Line Reference chapter. The Folder Merge can be launched from the command line, but doesn't support automation; /automerge is specific for the Text Merge. It'll launch the interface. Adding automation options for Folder Merge is on our wishlist.
    Aaron P Scooter Software