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Special character in XML report

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  • Special character in XML report

    I am using Beyond compare 4 and a script is used for folder compare. The generated result report is below.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
    <bcreport created="20-Jun-2020 6:28:13 PM">
    <filecomparison created="20-Jun-2020 6:28:12 PM">
    <linecomp status="same">
    <text ltid="1" rtid="1">Attribute VB_Name = "test"</text>
    <linecomp status="same">
    <text ltid="2" rtid="2"> If Trim(RRRnum) "" Then RRRnum = RRRnum &amp; "|"</text>
    <linecomp status="same">
    <text ltid="3" rtid="3">'to remove special chars like &amp;-case sensitive</text>
    Here '&amp;' in line "If Trim(RRRnum) "" Then RRRnum = RRRnum &amp;" is generated by beyond compare.
    And '&amp;' in line "to remove special chars like &amp;-case sensitive" is not a special character and not created by BC4.

    The .net xml reader not able to differentiate the special characters converted by beyondcompare report to actual word in the file.
    Is there any setting in beyond compare to convert the special character to unicode in generated reports.
    i.e.The generated report should have "If Trim(RRRnum) "" Then RRRnum = RRRnum &#38;"