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Script error when running a saved session that does a two-way filtered sync

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  • Script error when running a saved session that does a two-way filtered sync

    I created a saved session in Beyond Compare 4 to do a two-way filtered sync between two folders. The session works fine. I want to schedule that session to run every 15 minutes. I put together a script that I will automate using the Windows Task Scheduler. When I tested the script, I get this logged error:

    >> load AE-Jobs-Live-Client-Share-Sync
    5/15/2020 5:36:48 PM Fatal Scripting Error: Loaded session must be Folder Compare session

    I don't think I understand the difference between a Folder Compare session and the sync session I saved. How do I fix? I'm new to Beyond Compare and I'm finding the scripting daunting.

    David Streit

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    Thanks. This is a limitation of our scripting support. BC4's interface supports two graphical folder views: Folder Compare and Folder Sync. The Folder Sync is a specialized view with a large sync preview pane and a subset of the Folder Compare commands centered around syncing. The Folder Compare has more options, filters, and sync tools (but no room for the large Sync Preview pane, and instead it is a small pop-up). Scripting only supports loading the Folder Compare session type.

    You can convert a Sync to a Compare session by launching and then using the Session menu -> Compare Base Folders. Then save this new view/tab as a new Folder Compare Session. Script can then load it.
    Please note that this does not support the Sync session's Custom sync logic, as script either uses the default commands or customized with select and copy commands.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Aaron, does Scooter Software provide any phone technical assistance to help me get this working? I get how to convert the Sync session to a Compare session, and I see the option to Actions, Synchronize, but I don't see a way to set and save the two-way synchronization direction. Once I can do that, i'll try writing a script, but it would help a lot if I could get someone on the phone and do a brief remote session. i am a paid subscriber, but I haven't registered the software yet.


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        We normally do, but as we rapidly transitioned to a work from home environment, we don't currently offer phone support.

        The best thing would be to email us at with your (Help menu -> Support; Export) and a screenshot of the graphical interface (full screen) that you are using to perform the actions interactively. With that, we should have enough info to help come up with the script.

        If you've taken a shot at the script, send that file in, too.

        Please note that BC4 does not support UNDO, and scripting offers no preview before acting, so I suggest testing with test folders while learning BC4 and the scripting support.
        Aaron P Scooter Software