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file-report option to produce a link at the top?

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  • file-report option to produce a link at the top?

    I am using a file-report script to produce an html file of the desired differences of files across folders. It produces a nice single html file.

    Is there a way to get an index at the top of that html file of links to navigate to each file's difference section within?

    folder-report options: include-file-links produces an index but each link is to a separate file. This is hard to distribute to team mates for review and I can't search the single html file for things.

    Here is my script:

    log verbose append:$HOME/Downloads/projectlog%date%.txt
    criteria rules-based
    filter "*.asm;-archive"
    load "%1" "%2"
    expand all
    select all.diff
    file-report layout:side-by-side &
    Options:display-context &
    output-to:$HOME/Downloads/filediffs.html &

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    No, the file-reports do not have an option for adding hyperlinks and an index/table of contents. Instead, you could generate a view that is only mismatches/differences (with show context) to generate a smaller report of only the different text within the different files.
    Aaron P Scooter Software