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comparing two folders - getting an unable to load base folder error

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  • comparing two folders - getting an unable to load base folder error

    This is code that works on my previous version build machine, and also works on my local PC. When I copy the code to my new build machine, the code does not work. (all these machines are Windows 10).

    I have a script that creates a txt file named C:\Installers\JMP15WIN\1510\BATCH\diff.txt with this content

    load IgnoreUnimportantEnabled
    criteria rules-based
    load "C:\Installers\JMP15WIN\1500\RootFiles" "C:\Installers\JMP15WIN\1510\RootFiles"
    expand all

    select right.orphan.files right.diff.files
    copyto right path:base "C:\Installers\JMP15WIN\15001510\RootFiles"

    I run this command "C:\Program Files\Beyond Compare 4\bcompare.exe" @"C:\Installers\JMP15WIN\1510\BATCH\diff.txt"

    and get this error.

    It is possible a setting I need to make on my new build machine?

    Bob Hickey

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    It looks like the included error picture link is broken. If you could type out the error, that may help.

    My hunch is the new machine's scripted solution is running as a different Windows User account. Each User has their own %AppData% settings, so the new machine's automated user needs to also have a saved "IgnoreUnimportantEnabled" Session created and in the saved sessions list, with the toggle enabled. You probably set this up once graphically on the previous machine by loading a new blank Folder Compare, toggling the Ignore Unimportant toggle On, then saved the session with the Session menu -> Save Session As: IgnoreUnimportantEnabled

    To test, load the graphical interface as the same Windows User and double check that the session exists. If not, Import it from the other machine or re-create it.

    If different User accounts is causing problems, you can re-run the Setup.exe and create a Portable Install into a global location (C:\Tools\Beyond Compare 4\ recommended). This global "Portable" location runs with the same settings regardless of which User account is executing the program. This way you can configure it with one user, and the script can run as another, and it will still share the configured sessions, settings, etc.
    Aaron P Scooter Software