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Script to create series of HTML reports

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  • Script to create series of HTML reports

    I use BC to compare two folders, and for each highlighted match create an individual HTML report. This often means scrolling through folders with hundreds of files & manually creating dozens of HTML reports. Anyone think this could be automated? Thanks.

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    Which report style are you currently using? Are you generating a Folder Report with included links to file reports? This report can be generated in the interface or using BC Scripting automation (from the Command Line). The report output itself would still be the same. Are you looking for the automation of this report layout, or a report that includes all file content in a single file?

    You can also generate a File Report from the folder level. To do this, load your Folder Compare, set to Display Differences, use the Edit menu -> Expand All, Edit menu -> Select All Files to get a select of all files in all subfolders. Then go to the Actions menu (or right click the selection) and select File Compare Report. This will then generate a single report of all the selected file content.
    If the command is missing from the Actions menu, it means a folder or archive was selected. You can set the Session Settings to treat archives as Folders or Files explicitly (to select them or their content) or a file name filter to remove the problem archives from the view so they aren't selected during the Select All Files command.
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