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folder compare does not detect differences

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  • folder compare does not detect differences

    when comparing folders the scripting does not note that two files of the same name test1.txt have two different contents.
    # Set up basic comparison features.

    # Filter out log files.

    filter "-*.log"

    # Load first comparison.

    load "C:\Users\MCusack\Documents\one" "C:\Users\MCusack\Documents\two"

    # Compare files with timestamp differences.

    # Generate a report of the differences.

    folder-report layout:summary options:display-mismatches output-to:"C:\Users\MCusack\Documents\My Report.txt"

    am I missing something

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    The example scenario looks correct. Does your My Report.txt show test1.txt aligned on left and right with their metadata? If you load the two base folders in the graphical interface, are the files aligned and compared?

    The script would compare timestamp and size; is this metadata different for your files? We can also configure the script or interface to perform a content scan if that is needed to detect differences within files that have matching timestamps and size information.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      That would be great. we are comparing excel sheets of mailing lists and one size may be larger than the other I wish to ignore the time and size and list content.


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        If you need help configuring the Rules-based scan results, let us know. If you enable the content scan Rules-based, it will use the default results of of the viewer, as if you double clicked and viewed every file in the folder view. The Table Compare (the default viewer for Excel files), would compare the current sheet of the Excel file, and sort by Column 1 as a Key column by default. Optionally, you can change the Key, sorting, and define specific columns as Unimportant in the Session Settings of that viewer, and set that for just those files or all files in the parent session. If you then save the parent Folder Compare session, your script can load it (instead of folder paths), which will use the defined session settings (including the child settings).

        I would suggest loading a Folder Compare with your two folder paths and double clicking on a single pair of files in the graphical interface and configuring the Session Settings of that comparison until it meets your needs. We can then figure out how best to apply those settings to a second pair of files (or all files in the Folder Compare), save that Folder Compare session, and use it in script.
        Aaron P Scooter Software