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Unimportant column setting not saved in session

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  • Unimportant column setting not saved in session

    We have .CSV files in 2 folders where only one of the files has a column that should be ignored; a date value. Following the instructions from this post (, setting the desired column in only the file with the date as unimportant and saving session as folder compare. The column is ignored while in the UI but upon reloading or loading the session by script the column is NOT ignored. It's as though the session settings are not actually being saved. We're using Version 4.1.6 (build 21095)

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    First, launch a saved Folder Compare, and double click on your Table Compare files. When updating the column, navigate to the Session menu, Session Settings, and update the dropdown from Only use for this view -> Use for all files in parent session. This way, the parent Folder Compare view will have the saved child settings.

    If you then close down BC4, relaunch, load the saved Folder Compare, and double click your Table Compare files, they should open with the saved settings.

    Script can then load the parent folder compare, expand all, and generate a report.

    Side note: all BC 4.x updates are free for 4.x users. You can update to the latest 4.2.9 using the Help menu -> Check for Updates, or from our website:
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks. It must have been the changing the view drop down option.