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Script sorting is not applying in CSV files

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  • Script sorting is not applying in CSV files

    i am using beyond compare4 and able to apply sorting in tool but while running script file the sorting not applying for nth column it's only applying for 1st column of the row where's in tool it's applying correctly.
    Can someone help me what am I missing here

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    While it is possible to save a Folder Compare that can compare and load many child sessions/reports with defined key columns, individual reports do not support key column definition in automation/scripting. Adding the ability to define Key Columns in scripting is something on our wishlist.

    Script always loads the factory default settings (in this case, column 1 as the key). It can then load a saved Folder Compare and all associated settings (including child session settings), but this would require a folder structure and alignment of your files to be in place. This would all be configured in the graphical interface first, and then then parent folder compare saved such that loading the parent folder compare and double clicking your files automatically loads the correct session type and column settings. This saved Folder Compare could then be used in a scripted solution. Would your files align if two base folders were loaded? An Alignment Override could be defined to force their alignment, but if you have many files this style of setup might be complex.
    Aaron P Scooter Software