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File information of pictures using command line

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  • File information of pictures using command line

    Hey Guys,

    I'm a new Beyond Compare user. I was wondering how to obtain the file information from the command line. The picture compare report only gives the pixel differences. I wanted to get the image resolution (Height,width,depth) and image size also in the report as seen in the user interface when the image is loaded.

    I tried to use the following to get the picture-report,
    picture-report layout:summary output-to:C:\test\report.html C:\test\img_1.png C:\test\img_2.png

    Is there any command I can add to get the file information too in the report?


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    Sorry, Beyond Compare doesn't currently support including image resolution in the Picture Compare Report. I'll add it to the wish list to be considered for a future version.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Hey Chris,

      Thank you for immediate response.
      Is there any other way to get the file information (image resolution/bit depth/ file size) from the command line?



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        We have two older file formats which could take a Picture input and display the text output of their header or metadata. Search here for "Picture" to see these two formats and the freeware converters they use. They may have options you are looking for, but not all picture files store all information in their header or metadata.

        BC4's Picture Compare can also display and compare this information using the "Meta" toggle button.
        Aaron P Scooter Software