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Sorting not working when folder have multiple files

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  • Sorting not working when folder have multiple files


    In folder i have 100 files and below is my BCsession.xml file. When i run script, one file is showing as failure due to data sorting issue. In the folder if there is only failed file and rerun the script , it is working. If the folder contains other files, it is not working. Did any one faced this issue?


    <TTextCompareSession Value="parlleltesting">
    <Left Value="SORT"/>
    <Right Value="SORT"/>

    <Left Value="SORT"/>
    <Right Value="SORT"/>
    <DisplayFilter Value="[showLeftAdded, showRightAdded, showLeftChanged, showRightChanged, showConflict]"/>

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    Did you edit this BCSession.xml manually or generate it by changing options in the graphical interface and then saving off a copy?

    For Folder Compare to default and use only a specific session, you should load it in the graphical interface, and from the Session menu -> Session Settings, Misc tab, disable all file formats other than your custom Sort format. In the Tools menu -> File Formats, assign Sort a file mask of *.* (or whatever your specific files are), then uncheck it here. This way, it is assigned to match all files, is disabled globally, but then enabled for the specific session and all files in that session.

    To verify this is setup correctly, close and restart BC4, then load your saved session, and double click on any pair of files. It should automatically pick Sorted without modification. If this default is set correctly, then the Rules-based scan of a script using this session would also use these settings, and you can save a copy of the updated BCSessions.xml (and compare between it and a different copy to see how the auto-generated code was updated).
    Aaron P Scooter Software