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  • Customize html report

    We are using beyond compare to compare different server files after batch jobs execution. There are 100's of file for each folder. Due to this it is becoming very difficult to go through the results and find failed ones in html report. I know we can generate report only for failed ones but our teams want to show both passed and failed ones in the results till they got confidence tool is working fine.

    Is there way to customize html report to add "status" column and write pass/fail in that column? In this approach they can search using "fail" keyword instead of scrolling 100's of files in the report.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Just fyi..I have also tried this option but status column is blank..

    I have loaded two folders in graphical interface and then in Session>folder compare report..selected status column and generated report but value is blank


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      Which type of failure are you looking to review? The "log" command can be added to your script as the first line, and the generated bclog.txt can be browsed for any file operation errors. Or if you are looking for a report that highlights differences but also want a report that shows everything, you can generate two reports (one command right after the other): one that is the total compare and the other that highlights the types of differences you want to review. You can then hop between them, and even compare them in BC4 itself it see how they differ.

      The status column you found is for a very specific Source Control Integration (VCSS) status for checked-in or checked-out, and is not customizable.
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        As a good setup strategy: load and use the graphical interface first to generate the reports you need. The report dialog and interface allow quick customization and can more expressly show how the options impact the report. Once you have the report generating that you want, it is easier to create a script which performs the same set of actions (since script actions help automate the steps you can take in the graphical interface).
        Aaron P Scooter Software