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BCSession.xml file for multiple user or session on IIS

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  • BCSession.xml file for multiple user or session on IIS


    We are planning to use BCompare for text file comparison.
    Also we would like to provide regex with the help of BCSession.xml file

    So my question over here is with application hosting on IIS there can be chance that at the same time multiple user will access application and try to call that functionality which generate report based on BCSession.xml file

    So can we change the place of BCSession.xml file per user or per session so it will not overwrite by other users?

    Bhavik Y. Shah

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    If you use the BC4 Tools menu -> Options dialog, Tweaks section, at the bottom you can define a Shared Sessions File from a network location. This would import the shared sessions in addition to the current user's settings stored in their %appdata% directory (unless BC4 is currently a Portable Install, which would store all settings in the Install directory). A Portable Install would allow any users to share settings, but also any user can change them.

    Please note that Sessions will control grammar importance, but the File Formats control the grammar definitions. A user could have a different format or altered definitions of the grammar elements.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      These files, may be marked as read-only, through file attribute and/or windows security settings (file and/or directory)?

      Thank You and regards

      Rodolfo Giovanninetti


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        True, the BC Setting.xml files can be marked as read-only to prevent editing. This would work best with a controlled Portable Install to help make this more apparent. However, settings can still be updated while using the application for actions taken during that run, so the report is not guaranteed to be the same if the user is also changing settings. Marking the files as read-only would prevent those setting changes from being saved.
        Aaron P Scooter Software