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Missing Folder On Sync Mirror

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  • Missing Folder On Sync Mirror


    I have a script that sync mirror but I have noticed it is missing out a folder.
    The folder it missed is "F:\Data\ZDrive (Z)\Clients\00 Proposal\OtherPtyLtd\"
    Is the folder name too long?


    Script running below.
    option confirm:yes-to-all
    # Turn logging on
    log normal "F:\Data\BackupProgram\Beyond Compare\Synclog.txt"
    # Set comparison criteria
    criteria timestamp size
    # Exclude certain file types
    filter "-Saturn(Y)\SaturnFolder\"
    # Load the base folders
    load "F:\Data\" "ftp://.com|ftpuser:ftppassword/"
    #Make the target identical to the source
    #includes deleting files that only exist on the target side
    sync mirror:lt->rt
    option confirm:yes-to-all

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    No, the name isn't too long to include, but is the folder empty (actual empty in size, or empty due to filtering)?

    The Sync Mirror command also has:
    sync create-empty mirror:left->right

    I would suggest loading the base folders in a new blank Folder Compare session, and then copying/pasting the text of your filter into the Filter toolbar in the main view (without quotes), and hit enter to apply it. Does your subfolder contain items to sync?

    One last tip:
    The option confirm:yes-to-all applies to all following commands. You can move it to the top of your script (right below log) if you want it to apply and answer any pop-ups that occur. If you haven't noticed, you aren't hitting pop-ups and may not need the command.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hi Aaron

      The Folder is 1.73mb with jpg, png, docx in it.
      Think I have it working. Change "sync create-empty mirror:left->right" made it work. Thanks for the info.

      The folder compare is a handy function to find the missing file.



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        If create-empty copied it, that would imply that the folder was "empty" due to filtering, so the destination side is getting an empty folder?
        Aaron P Scooter Software