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Updating files that are out of date for only matching folders

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  • Updating files that are out of date for only matching folders

    What I am looking to do is update files from one location to another but use matching folders as per say as a filter to only update those specific files. So I am comparing ServerA and ServerB and I am using a file filter to look for a file called database.mdb. So my servers look like this...
    ServerA ServerB
    FolderA\database.mdb (newer) FolderA\database.mdb (older)
    FolderB\database.mdb (newer) Folder does not exist
    FolderC\database.mdb (newer) Folder does not exist
    FolderD\database.mdb (newer) FolderD\database.mdb (older)

    I would like to update the older files on ServerB but only for the files that already exist. I do not want to copy over the missing files and I am wondering if I can do this without having to exclude the many folders that exist that I do not want the file to copy over for. Is this possible?

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    Disregard...I think I thought about this further and will try it out now. If I do not include orphans for ServerA, then these files should not come over to serverB where the files do not exist. All I need to do is select ServerA newer files and then copy them over to ServerB. Sorry for this post...I tried to delete the post but also could not find out how...Sorry in advance...


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      In case it helps you or other users: if the default sync logic is not what you are looking for, use a combination of the select command and copy (selection) commands. This allows an:
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      Which will select the files you want, then copy them, based on the criteria used. For full syntax documentation, see our Help file -> Scripting Reference: "select" section.
      Aaron P Scooter Software