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Is that possible to show line number on html report under folder-report mode?

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  • Is that possible to show line number on html report under folder-report mode?

    I'm using folder-report in script and want to show diff file line number on html report under folder-report mode, I tried adding line-numbers from option but it seems that it doesn't support under folder-report mode.
    Could you please help? Thanks a lot!

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    Line Numbers are specific to the file views (like Text Compare). If you are in the Folder Compare graphical interface, what information are you trying to display in the report? Is it a count of the number of files?

    The Layout:summary style might help, as it provides a total count for each comparison type header (Left Orphans: 3, Equal Files: 5, etc)
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks Aaron, what I want to see is to show line number on diff detail page, example:
      #1 int i=0;
      #2 for(;i<n;i++)

      Seems folder-report doesn’t have this feature to support line-number display.
      Then I wrote a script to add line number in each source code file, but there is another problem, that is diff report will regard line number as different part of content, this is not expected and I want to ignore line number, unfortunately “Ignore Unimportant Differences” doesn’t support under folder-report mode.
      Do you have any better solution? Thanks a lot!


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        The short answer is, if you've appended data into your files, you can define a Grammar Element to match on that specific line (or regular expression text sequence), set that grammar as Unimportant by default, then the Ignore Unimportant Setting will work. We have a KB article on it here:

        First, a quick definition: our "Line Numbers" are the literal line numbers for File A and File B. Since the Text Alignment algorithm can move text around to find a better match (for instance, if a paragraph or new method is added into a file, we'll shift around it to align the equal text). This can cause "Line 10" of File A to line up with "Line 28" of File B, so showing the Line Number in the report (or main comparison view) can be helpful for users to visualize how the data is aligning and comparing.

        From your example, it sounds like each file has an ID marker? So the first file in a directory has "ID = 1" and the second has "ID = 2"? Is that what your script is adding in? The Folder Compare aligns by file name, so what happens if there's a New File on the right side that doesn't exist on the left? What would it's ID be, and how would that effect the next aligned pair of equally named files?
        Aaron P Scooter Software