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Exclude HTML output for binary files(.class) while comparing .jar files?

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  • Exclude HTML output for binary files(.class) while comparing .jar files?

    I'm comparing 2 similar large ISO files and I've automated the process by scripting.

    I'd like to compare all files by CRC to know what files are changed and generated: a general HTML report including links for HTML reports for all different "text" files. Some files are included in archive types like ".jar". So I've set "Archive handling" set to “as folder always" so all files inside .jar files are extracted and compared which is good.

    But I just want the "text" files to be compared and generated HTML reports for these different pairs.
    Some Java ".class" files are also compared and "HTML" reports are generated. Since the ISO files are very large, it cost too much time and disk space under the ”BcFiles“ folder.

    In general:
    - 1. I only want to compare the CRC for ".class" files and list the different ".class" pairs in the general HTML report.
    - 2. But I don't want to generate the HTML reports for each different ".class" pairs. (I still want to keep generating HTML reports for different "text" file pairs.)

    I appreciate it very much if anyone could shed some light about how to achieve this purpose?

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    You'll have to run two separate reports. One folder compare report that lists CRC values for all different files, and a separate file report that lists text differences in files other than .class files.

    criteria crc
    load 1.iso 2.iso
    expand all
    folder-report layout:side-by-side options:display-mismatches,column-crc output-to:report-names-only.html output-options:html-color
    filter "-*.class"
    folder-report layout:side-by-side options:display-mismatches,column-crc,include-file-links output-to:report-file-links.html output-options:html-color
    Chris K Scooter Software